Breaking Bad

Season 1 Episode 2 “Cat’s In the Bag” (Jan 27, 2008)

What I normally find about television shows after a powerhouse premiere is that the quality tends to go downhill. Not to say these episodes are bad, but they tend to settle in a routine-to tie up events that occurred in the premiere. So just imagine my surprise when I discovered this episode was just as strong as the first episode. This is when I realized just how special this series truly is. This episode manages to be funny, dramatic, and tense. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul continue to prove their skills and chemistry in this episode. Another thing that sticks out is detail. This show is all about detail, and sometimes it’s just the small details that make each episode engaging. There are some detailed scenes that stick out. One: how Walter and Jesse bribe their way out of the desert after they killed the drug dealers by trying to explain their situation to a Native American and that involves the spilling of coffee. Just priceless dialogue. Two: This show is good in learning chemistry. There is a scene where Jesse tries to dispose of one of the bodies, and you just learn why plastic and hydrochloric acid does not mix. Three: The other drug dealer, Krazy-8 actually is alive and Walter decides to keep him in captivity. The funniest scene is where Walter precisely rolls him, one-by-one, water jugs, a bologna sandwich, a bucket for bathroom waste, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer. The way that scene occurred is just one of sheer brilliance. Although I loved this episode, not all is perfect. The storyline featuring Walter’s wife snooping around was rather poor, and not quite believable.

Walter and Jesse brings the RV back to Jesse’s house, and there they realize that Krazy-8 is still breathing. Krazy-8 is taken to the basement where he is tied to a pole with a bicycle chain. They try to decide how to get rid of the dead body, and Walter suggests using hydrochloric acid. But they must flip a coin to see who will dispose of the body and who will kill Krazy-8. Jesse wins the coin toss, so he decides to get rid of the body. Jesse goes to the store, but in unable to find a bin big enough for the body. Meanwhile, Walter is pondering how to kill Krazy-8 but all he does is feed him. Meanwhile, Skylar begins to suspect Walt of his secrecy. She finds about Jesse online and she confronts Walt, whom lies and says Jesse is his marijuana dealer. Skyler then warns Jesse about her brother being a DEA agent. Jesse decides to dissolve the corpse in the bathtub, but it does not go according to the plan.

So, this is a very wonderful episode. The scenes with Jesse and Walt are perfect. When Jesse tries to dissolve the corpse….well just see for yourself. That scene is one for the history books. I also love how Walt attempts to use logic when he gets into crazy situations. Ah, the beginning of the end must always be fun. I felt like Skyler’s scenes should have been better. But I do not believe Anna Gunn to be a capable actress as of yet. Myspace, Skyler? Really? Anyhow, this is a fun episode and I’m ready for what comes next. Hopefully you all feel the same way.

My Grade: A-

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