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Dear Yanilda,

Hello, I’m Raed and i like programming too, i have some question and i hope you to answer.

1st i like programming a lot, but i have no time to training, so can tell me what’s the best way to learn all thing in programming.

2nd please tell me what’s the best computer language to learn it.


Dear Raed,

Thank you very much for reaching out to me. I’m glad to know that you love programming.
To become a good programmer, the first thing that you need is motivation, and strength of will. Spend at least 1 hour at day practicing a language. Choose at least one programming language to focus on. It’s always good to be familiar with at least 5 languages but at least there should be one of expertise. One core language and 2 scripting languages could work.
However before programming, or focusing on learning one language, is good to train your brain to think logically. A good program takes a good algorithm and a design after analyzing the situation; no matter what language you know or focus on, writing an algorithm in pseudo code is going to save you tons of brainstorming time, then the code is straight forward.

On the internet there is a lot of resource
My advice: While you are learning code, create a portfolio or a repository where you will upload all your projects that you create, because in that way they will easy to take a look at them when you forget something. Look at other people open source codes and examine them. Finally join Programming newsletters, and forums where you can ask questions.

In terms of which language to learn Python or Java:
It all depends on what is your goal.

Python is fast to program and fun, some people might say “Python is just a scripting language”, but you can actually implement multiple paradigms of programming ( including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming). Also super easy to programs robots with Python. NASA uses Python too. But python is not very secure because is a Dynamic type language, that means that the variables are bind at run time. It’s also a high level programming language. High level programming language are normally easy to learn because they are made common elements like in English.

Java is a high level programming language too! but it’s object oriented programming. Java is the most widely used computer programming; Object oriented programming is better than the old “structure programming” because it focuses on the data instead of focusing on commands. An object is anything that can have attributes(such as color, size, type,…) and classes are lists of actions to perform. Java is the preferred language for meeting many organization’s enterprise programming needs and it’s also the programming language of choice in software for devices that communicate through a network. Java is a General purpose programming language that allows the user to create all kinds of programs from databases to multimedia applications.

My recommendation: There are more job opportunities learning Java programming language, though Python and Java can work by the hand you asked me for one, I’d choose Java. Though python is my favorite language, Java is a statically type language which means variables will be bind at compiler time. Furthermore Java will compile faster.


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