Java is difficult to me

Hi Mrs. Yanilda,
I wish you are doing well, I am a Computer Science student, a fourth year, at International Islamic University Malaysia, I have a problem with a java Tools like Classes, objects and methods and very interesting this course, so could please suggest to any syllabus, Videos or any easy that i can learn this course. Moreover, how can improve my computer Skills?

March 03/2016

Dear Comp. Science Student,
Thank you for reaching out to me. I am doing very well and hoping you are doing well too. To learn java, I will recommend you for things: Read-Watch-Practice-Debug.
• Read: Java: How to Program by Deitel, latest edition.
• Watch: Bucky’s Java Tutorial on Youtube
• Practice: Browse on the web
• Debug: Test your programs, and analyze other people’s code.
Though there are many other resources on the internet, you can browse some tutorials on the web, check:
I hope this could help you. Also remember the key is to practice, practice, practice.
Yanilda P. R.

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