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I’m Yanilda, and I’m a computer scientist. My idol is Ada Lovelace. Since high school, I have been in love with programming, the nights of no sleep and the satisfaction feeling after our algorithms took shapes and names into lines of codes that become software, -that, caught all my senses. I’m a quick learner and an enthusiastic lady. Feel free to contact me at any time.
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Computer Science is not just my major in college, but it’s also my passion in life. Therefore, I spend as much time as I have available everyday to improve my programming and computer skills.
My main areas of interests are game development and computer algorithms. I have developed and published several mobile games for Android. Also, I do independent research on data structures and mobile development.
I am currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science in Fordham University.

Gene Bodyl

Hello, everyone! My name is Gene Bodyl. a 2015 Penn State grad. I am here to provide knowledge on all topics ranging from movies to history to math. I have been a cinephile for many years now, so it is my pleasure to share my passion with movies for all of our readers.